Monday, March 29, 2004

Teaching Information & Technology Skills: The Big6 in Secondary Schools I just read this book. I really enjoyed it. Even though it was aimed at high school educators, I still found some helpful information.

Here is the School Library Journal review fo the book:

There is much to be said for finding and adhering to an information literacy model that flows smoothly and intuitively, yet is thorough and concrete enough to be taught easily. Eisenberg and Berkowitz's Big6 is certainly the most widely promoted and student-friendly taxonomy around, and this secondary take on what was previously a K-8 model provides a compact, technologically updated, remarkably accessible template for both library media specialists and classroom teachers. Part I details the rationale for and implementation of the Big6/Little12 model, while Part II provides clear lesson/unit plans and worksheets for all of the Big6 steps, individually and collectively. Reproducible forms, instructional tools, and evaluative matrices will simplify an already clean conceptual model. A great resource for all school librarians.-Mary R. Hofmann, Rivera Middle School, Merced, CA

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