Monday, April 12, 2004

German Immigrants: Their Contributions to the Upper Midwest This is a new lesson plan at LibraryInstruction.Com. It uses German immigration to the USA as a method of teaching information literacy skills.

From the site:

Content Objectives:

Students will:

gain an understanding of how contemporary lifestyles/cultures/traditions are influenced by the contributions of the settlers of that region; and

use their prior knowledge of German to discuss photographs of people.

Information Literacy Objectives:

Students will:

become familiar with the American Memory collections.

learn, develop and apply varying search processes and strategies to access resources in American Memory (IP standard 1, indicator 5).

formulate questions based on informational needs (IP standard 1, indicator 3).

distinguish among fact, point of view and opinion (IP standard 2, indicator 2).

integrate new information into their own prior knowledge (IP standard 3, indicator 2).

use and appreciate non-text forms of information (IP standard 5, indicator 2).

derive meaning from information presented creatively in a variety of formats i.e. visual literacy (IP standard 5, indicator 2).

develop creative products in a variety of formats (IP standard 5, indicator 3).

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