Sunday, April 25, 2004

Information Literacy in Higher Education While browsing using Google, I found this interesting paper. It appears to be a student paper from 2000. I probably shouldn't blog it because if I do it will probably vanish but I'll take my chances.

From the introduction:

The topic of information literacy is of great interest to me. I feel passionate about the teaching-learning process and am always eager to discover what new skills students are learning. When I first heard of information literacy, I was intrigued. I knew of literacy, the ability to read, and since I had developed an interest in the Internet and the World Wide Web, I wanted to find out precisely what information literacy was. I wondered if I was information literate. After doing my research, I discovered the answer to that question, and it surprised me. Information literacy is a skill that all students need to acquire; however, since my “track” in graduate school is academic librarianship, I’ve focused on information literacy in higher education.

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