Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Loex of the West 2004 This conference is now open for registration. I spoke at it in 2000 and enjoyed it a great deal. The optional post-conference trip to Bruneau Dunes State Park looks great too!

From the site:

Throughout history, libraries have been considered treasure houses and conservators of cultural heritage. However, the mission of the academic library reaches far beyond being a storehouse. Outreach and instruction are essential and today, librarians are actively involved in teaching students (and faculty) how to most effectively and efficiently access and use the treasures in our print and digital collections.

Treasures can be a unique collection, or the latest electronic database or aggregated periodical collection. Students are treasures as well; they are our future. Discussions on the list servs and in the professional literature are wide-ranging about how to best bring the two together. The dialog that we will engage in over these three days will stimulate us, will further our understanding of how to more effectively teach, and will give us new ideas for evaluating the outcomes of our teaching and our programs. As attendees, we will create new connections between our student’s needs and our instruction activities, and between ourselves and other participants. In addition, it is our intent that each attendee leave the conference with at least one idea that can be incorporated into their library instruction program.

This conference will interest librarians and other educators who instruct others in the finding, evaluation and use of information resources. Presenters will draw from their experiential and theoretical knowledge to discuss interaction with students, with technology, and with information resources in a learning environment, and the assessment of such interactions.

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