Friday, April 02, 2004

Pierian Press :: Integrating Information Literacy into the College Experience The proceedings of the 30th Annual LOEX Conference are now available. This is good content that is hard to get first hand. Registration for this conference always fills up in 30 minutes!

Book description:

The keynote speaker at the 30th National LOEX Conference, Dane Ward, inspired conference atendees to focus on the process of teaching and implementing information literacy programs. He set the goal of achieving an information-literate student population. His optimistic message prepared the audience for the next two days of the conference.

The featured speaker, Mary Reichel, President of the Association of College and Research Libraries, stressed the teaching role of all librarians, not only those whose primary responsibility is library instruction. She encouraged conference attendees to broaden perspectives on their roles in the academic mission of their institutions.

Dan Ream challenged attendees to question if students are as enthusiastic about information literacy as librarians are. Do they understand what information literacy is? Do they believe librarians can help them become information literate? Dan provided a reality check, and offered related advice and insights.

Numerous presenters of breakout sessions shared their experiences and insights with the participants. Their sessions ranged from streaming video and library instruction to revising a research assignment to instructional design principles to collaborating with faculty. They addressed many diverse issues that are part of our information literacy landscape, and provided useful guidance for making all related programs more productive and effective.

The detailed table of contents (below) reveals the breadth and usefulness of this conference -- and conference proceedings.

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