Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Student Perceptions, Beliefs, or Attitudes Yet another CFP for Academic Exchange Quarterly. I have taken over the promotion duties for this theme and I hope lots of librarians submit manuscripts. This theme is very easy for a librarian to address.

From the site:

Student perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes, are constantly changing. As educators, at any grade or level, it is our responsibility to measure these variables continuously in order to enhance the learning environment. This edition is dedicated to the enhancement of the learning environment through student perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes (Defined as students’ beliefs related to classroom climate, classroom instruction, teacher beliefs, and many other topics.) Manuscripts are welcomed and encouraged in both research realms (qualitative and quantitative).

Who May Submit:

Submissions are welcome from anyone (researchers, administrators, teacher, and trainers) working with students, of all ages, in a learning environment.

Full details at http://rapidintellect.com/AEQweb/ontstu.htm.

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