Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Links2go PPC Search Engine This appears to be yet another pay-per click (PPC) search engine. That is, advertisers bid on keywords and the top bids appear at the top of results. I dislike this practice. Only people trying to make money from the Web bid. Most searchers want free information. This creates a disconnect between the search results and the end user.

Yet, I will support this new search engine. Why? Commercialization of search results will continue unimpeded no matter what anyone says. Users will not pay to search. Banner ads are rarely clicked on anymore. How else can a search engine make money but to stick it to the people who want their sites found in the search results?

This search product is worth support because it uses as the backfill for results. Despite management changes (and two spin off rival directories using GoGuides data!) the volunteer edited Goguides directory is a good source of spam free content. I want Goguides to continue strong and if this PPC search engine helps that cause, so be it.

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