Monday, May 10, 2004

Paths to Understanding This article is by Robert S. Nelson and Vera Stepchyshyn who work at Long Island University Brooklyn Campus. Nelson is an Assistant Professor and the Library Instruction Coordinator. Stepchyshyn is an Assistant Professor, a Reference Librarian, and Chair of the Library.

From the Introduction:

This article discusses the information-seeking behavior of students in a large urban university and the impact that behavior can have on the development and delivery of instructional and reference services.

This study was conceived to be a tabulation of student responses to information-needs. What developed was a realization of where we, as reference and instructional librarians, fit into the academic lives of our students. The information we received brought to light something that we had long suspected and secretly feared. As a whole, our perception of the importance of the library in the academic lives of our students was miscalculated.

In this article, we endeavor to discuss both the information-seeking behavior of urban university students as well as the challenge that behavior poses to our own concepts of instruction and reference services. This small amount of paper cannot match this herculean task, but it should serve as a platform for discussion and further research.

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