Monday, May 17, 2004

TL Forum 2000: Atkinson and Dowling - information literacy and library reference reading for online courses This article is by Atkinson, Roger & Dowling, Sue. It is from the Teaching and Learning Forum 2000, Flexible Futures in Tertiary Teaching. Proceedings of the 9th Annual Teaching Learning Forum, 2-4 February 2000. Perth: Curtin University of Technology.

From the site:

The development of online teaching and learning has created requirements for "online readers", or sets of Internet accessible reference readings. However, is it feasible to aim towards reference reading which is entirely Internet based? Will a "wholly online reader" enable the desired teaching and learning outcomes? What are the staffing, technological, financial, organisational and management issues? This session of TL Forum seeks to explore these issues, drawing upon concepts in information literacy as a foundation for reviewing teaching and learning outcomes.

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