Friday, May 14, 2004

The Value of a College Degree. Yes, they really are worth something. In addition to being better educated and more sophisticated, you can actually increase your earning power over time. This would be a good article to share with junior high and high school students who are reluctant about college.

From the article:

The escalating cost of higher education is causing many to question the value of continuing education beyond high school. Many wonder whether the high cost of tuition, the opportunity cost of choosing college over full-time employment, and the accumulation of thousands of dollars of debt is, in the long run, worth the investment. The risk is especially large for low-income families who have a difficult time making ends meet without the additional burden of college tuition and fees.

In order to determine whether higher education is worth the investment, it is useful to examine what is known about the value of higher education and the rates of return on investment to both the individual and to society.

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