Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Alternative Library Instruction

Alternative Library Instruction. This is a call for manuscripts for a special theme at Academic Exchange Quarterly on alternative library instruction. Although I am biased (I am the Executive Editor of the journal), I think this is a great journal for librarians to be publishing in. Cynthia Tysick of the University of Buffalo is the feature editor for this theme.

From the CFP:

The goal of this issue will be to provide examples of alternative library instruction created by librarians or faculty members in all settings, K-12, public, academic, special, etc., that can be implemented by others. Alternative library instruction can be, but is not limited to:
-- Curriculum integrated instruction
-- Virtual instruction
-- Audio/video tours
-- Interactive instruction
-- Active learning experiences
-- Game oriented instruction

Who May Submit:
Manuscripts are sought from those librarians or faculty members who have produced engaging and effective library instruction programs that move beyond the traditional methods of instruction either through the use of technology or creativity.

Please identify your submission with keyword: ALTERNATIVE

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