Friday, June 25, 2004

An instructional role for librarians: an overview and content analysis of job advertisements This article is by Laurel A. Clyde. It was published in Australian Academic & Research Libraries Volume 33 NÂș 3, September 2002.

From the abstract:

In library and information science programs, decisions have to be made from time to time about introducing new courses and reviewing existing course offerings. This article reports on a descriptive study undertaken to gain an overview of current library and information workplace needs (as of early 2002) for professionals with knowledge and skills related to user education and information literacy instruction. A secondary aim was to support the course development process by identifying the specific knowledge and skills that are presently in demand in the workplace. A literature review provided the basis for an overview of user education in libraries and information agencies. This overview is followed by a description and discussion of a small-scale research project that used content analysis techniques to study job advertisements posted to the international LIBJOBS listserv over a period of three months. More than half of the advertisements required at least some experience of and/or skills in user education of some kind. The final section of the article discusses the implications for a library and information science education program.

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