Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Supporting the Development of Information Literacy Skills This paper was written by Donna Berthelsen and Kerryann Walsh of the School of Early Childhood Faculty of Education at the Queensland University of Technology and Irene Ryan and Peter Sondergeld of the Kelvin Grove Library of the Queensland University of Technology.

From the abstract:

Information literacy encompasses both technological skills and skills to locate, evaluate, and use information from a range of sources. Such skills are best acquired within the specific context of students' learning needs. Within a subject concerned with the inclusion of children with special needs in early childhood programs in an undergraduate Bachelor of Education course, the skills of information literacy were operationalised as the ability to access and search electronic data bases, and to browse and evaluate internet sites. Students were required to complete two tasks around the demonstration of those skills. Students were found to have a range of skills for the set tasks and for students with less experience and confidence to compete the tasks, a higher level of support was required. The implications for the development of information literacy skills are discussed in terms of the need for systematic planning and integration of a range of such tasks across students' undergraduate programs, as well as issues related to staff development.

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