Friday, July 30, 2004

Cunnan This is a wiki dedicated to the middle ages. It does not appear to have a lot of active editors but some of the articles are nice. As with all wikis, you can add and edit articles. The country articles are weak with very little history. I added a few links to try and improve them. Unfortunately, I got accused of spamming (damn link paranoia! The link was to history stuff not viagra or gambling). I think I have smoothed it over and will try again. This could turn into a nice site and I hope some librarians go over and help them out.

From the site:

"Welcome to Cunnan, a Wiki collecting information for re-enactors of the Middle Ages and Renaissance with a heavy slant towards members of the SCA. Cunnan is the largest SCA wiki in the world - anyone can edit our articles. You should be bold in updating pages! Articles can only be improved if people are contributing new information and improving old information. So add research information, how-to pages, event information and anything else you can think of. Cunnan should be applicable worldwide, so be mindful of regional differences - use comments such as "In Lochac...". If you see anything that is different in your area, add a note on your local variation."

Here are a few articles:

Middle Ages

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