Thursday, July 29, 2004

History of Israel I blogged this site because I think it might make a good information literacy assignment.

See the following:

"Israel has endured constant hostility from it's Arab neighbors who hate Jews. It is probable that peace will not come to the Middle East until Arab states cease their anti-semitism, demand Palestian's to end their terrorist acts, and accept Israel as a sovereign nation with the right to exist peacefully."

This ends what was until then a rather balanced essay. Clearly, this site has some bias which is not readily evident until the reader has invested some time into reading the essay.

I think an assignment could be created that used this site, a pro-Palestinian site, and an unbiased site for the students to compare. I think small groups followed up by a group reports on what everyone discovered could really benefit students and help them to detect bias in history pieces on the Web.

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