Friday, July 02, 2004

Julie Lorenzen This is my wife's new site. It is her homepage with access to her book reviews and articles. No, she is not a librarian and this post is not related to information literacy. However, I am mentioning it here to give the new site a plug and a link that will get it indexed fast by Google. I also will point out that Julie is a graduate student and posting her work here. I wish other students would do this. I hate it when college students write papers and then put the papers online at the school. As soon as the students graduate, the papers vanish! If students could put up their own no frill pages with their own domains, this wouldn't happen. Buying a domain and getting hosting is not very expensive.

From the site:

Hi, welcome to my site. My name is Julie Lorenzen. I am a part-time graduate student working on a Master's degree in the Humanities at Central Michigan University. I live in Mount Pleasant, Michigan with my husband Michael Lorenzen and my two sons, Calvin and Caleb.

I have created this site to provide visitors an access point to two things:

1. My book reviews: I have reviewed a few books for classes in the past. Further, I am also a reviewer for Ohioana Quarterly. I will be placing new reviews as I write them here. (Some of my previous reviews are currently hosted at Library Reference Search. I will provide links to those reviews as well.)

2. My articles: I will be posting articles I write for class here. As I have a ways to go in my degree program, I expect this section of my site will be growing a great deal in the coming years.

I realize by posting my work online that I am just asking for people to plagiarize my work. Online plagiarism is the trend for students now and many teachers are either unwilling to confront the issue or are clueless. I can only hope that my work will not be misused and that readers find it of interest.

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