Friday, July 16, 2004

The Life Experience Degree Diploma Mill University This is a clever site which parodies all those diploma mills which operate on the Web. In particular, I liked the page which was titled "The University of Bull Shit." I hope this site discourages people from purchasing "easy" degrees.

From the site:

We are a panel of educators, employers, and administrators who believe that veterans, parents, spouses, those who have conquered addictions, successfully dealt with hardships, or have mastered their trades, should be granted respect, and credit, in the form of a degree from a prestigious University.

Actually, we are not such a University, but we'll do our best to play the part! Let's be honest here. We're the only site that will tell you THE TRUTH!

Actually, Here Is How It Goes:

A webmaster creates the web pages for this site, a graphic artist, a printer, a calligrapher and a shipping service coordinate to issue our "diplomas" to our "alumni". But even though many people are involved with this process, our "tuition" is the most affordable around.

Surf the Internet and you'll see we speak the truth about "Life Experience Degrees" . . . They're all "BULLSHIT" . . . and employers know it, too!

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