Thursday, July 22, 2004

World History Web Resources: An Annotated Guide I created a new web guide for history resources on the Web. I am really sick and tired of a lot of the Web sites out there that are low quality that students are using as "scholarly" resources for history papers. This page might not help much but it makes me feel better.

From the site:

I have prepared this guide to help students find the best history resources on the Web. Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage on the Web. Some of it is from people who have real biases on issues and they are trying to portray historical events in a skewed manner. Others simply write and post material which they sincerely believe to good history. The reality is that many of these people have no training in history and the end results of their efforts is misleading, wrong, or strange. I hope this guide simplifies the search process for history on the Web. Don't just type a search phrase into Yahoo! or Google and use what you find. Some of the worst sites do well in search engines and relying on them could seriously harm your grades!

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