Thursday, August 26, 2004

Interview with Michael Lorenzen. This is a write up off a conversation between me and Michael Whang of Western Michigan University last year. It is a part of a collection of interviews at wdrive. The url has been working sporadically but it appears to be stable again. I am happy with the write up as it does a good job promoting my LibraryInstriction.Com site. It also has other comments from me on learning styles and lesson planning.

From the site:

Michael Lorenzen is the Head of Reference Services at Central Michigan University. Lorenzen manages a staff of librarians who provide reference and instructional services to patrons in the library and on the Web. He received his MLS from Kent State University and also has a Master of Education degree from Ohio University and an Educational Specialist degree from Michigan State University. Prior to starting his present position at CMU this year, he was the Library Instruction Coordinator at Michigan State University for seven years. Lorenzen enjoys spending his free time with his wife and two sons.

I spoke to Lorenzen recently via e-mail and asked him about his new Web site LibrarianInstruction.Com.

Michael Whang: [Sipping coffee] I think LibraryInstruction.Com is an excellent idea and resource for K-12 teachers and librarians alike. What motivated you to create the Web site?

Michael Lorenzen: I like the idea of the LOEX Clearinghouse. It is nice the people can send instructional materials there and then other people can borrow it. Unfortunately, LOEX does not allow authors to publish on the Web. What has happened is that lots of librarians and teachers are putting up library instruction material on their personal pages or on institutional sites. This makes it hard to find good material. It also means material is lost when someone leaves an institution. I am hoping that LibraryInstruction.Com will allow individuals to place content online relating to library instruction. The material will stay here regardless of where a person works and it will be easy for anyone to find it.

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