Monday, August 16, 2004

TRUE STORY FROM THE LIBRARY INSTRUCTION FRONT. I am not going to blog a site today but I will relate a true story from a recent library instruction session I conducted.

I gave a tour and instruction session to a group of freshmen athletes. (I will refrain from naming the sport.) The tour went fine and the students were impressed by the moveable shelves. (Hey so are administrators!) I took them into the classroom and demoed several databases.

About 30 minutes into the session I switched to Lexis-Nexis. To get their attention, I said, "And now, let me show you how to find people's criminal records." That got their attention!

As I was showing them the state case law feature, one of the students asked, "Could you bring up Florida?" I said sure. The he asked, "Can you type in [name withheld]."

I immediately became concerned but agreed to the request. The results brought up cases relating to a convicted murder. And as I read a few titles out loud the student jumped up with his arms in the air and yelled, "That's my Dad!"

I was stunned as were the other students. A few giggled but the basic feeling in the air was one of disbelief. I finished up the class and fortunately nothing else happened out of the ordinary.

I have been teaching library instruction sessions for over ten years now. This session was a first!

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