Thursday, September 02, 2004

The challenge of automated tutoring in Web-based learning environments for information retrieval instruction. This article is by Eero Sormunen and Sami Pennanen of the Department of Information Studies at the University of Tampere in Finland. It was published in Information Research, Vol. 9 No. 2, January, 2004.

From the abstract:

The need to enhance information literacy education increases demand for effective Web-based learning environments for information retrieval instruction. The paper introduces the Query Performance Analyser, a unique instructional tool for information retrieval learning environments. On top of an information retrieval system and within a given search assignment, the Query Performance Analyser supports learning by instantly visualizing achieved query performance. Although the Query Performance Analyser is a useful tool in training searching skills, performance feedback is not enough for learners practicing alone in Web-based learning environments. The paper reports the findings of a log analysis on user problems in exercising Boolean and best-match queries. A blueprint of an automated tutoring system for IR instruction is presented.

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