Friday, September 17, 2004

History of Iraq. While helping a student do research on Iraq, I found this site. It has a good overview of Iraqi history. However, the essay ends with this:

"Power was returned to the Iraqi people in June 2004. Despite negative media reports, most of Iraq was peaceful during the American occupation. Most Iraqi's were grateful for the American invasion. Fewer people died daily under the American's than during the tryanny of Saddam Hussein."

Personally, I can't argue with that. It is probably true. Yet, it clearly is biased and meant to portray Iraqi history from an American viewpoint.

I think this site could be used to help educate students about online bias in seemingly good sources. I would have students look at this page and then also look at a site on the history of Iraq which was anti-American. This should be followed by a discussion on detecting and recognizing "spin" in news and history Web sites.

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