Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Internet Public Library - Blogs: There is a new resource guide to blogs up at the IPL. I found it because this blog is suddenly picking up traffic from this page.

Here is the description for the Information Literacy Land of Confusion:

"Librarian Michael Lorenzen from Mt. Pleasant, MI discusses information literacy, search engines, librarianship, library instruction, and user education. The times (few and far between, it seems) that he rambles are made up for by the time he provides really useful tools for librarians like the IllumiRate Directory."

The author is correct. I do not ramble nearly enough! I know from my traffic log that this blog has a fairly large readership. If I didn't ramble from time to time, I would be too boring and I would probably lose readers. I also know that the search engines like this blog and it is my "ramble" posts which deliver search engine visitors. Type in naked librarians, conservative librarians, or life experience degrees in Google and see how quickly you find my posts. (As of today they are all in the top 20 in the SERPS.)

I have to imagine that the surfers looking for naked librarian pictures leave unhappy...

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