Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Assessment of Information Literacy: Lessons from the Higher Education Assessment Movement. This essay is by Lois M. Pausch and Mary Pagliero Popp. It was presented in 1997 at an ACRL Conference in Nashville.

From the site:

Assessment in institutions of higher education is being driven by demands for accountability from legislators, trustees, and accrediting agencies. These assessment efforts are now expanding to library instruction programs. The library literature, however, reveals few rigorous efforts to evaluate the teaching of information literacy concepts and skills. Objective methods are being developed in many teaching disciplines, resulting in a body of research and descriptions of effective evaluation methods. Instruction librarians need to investigate these to determine which of them might be adopted/adapted for use in libraries. This paper reviews higher education assessment methods; identifies useful theories and practices; describes assessment programs in academic libraries; and makes recommendations for changes in library education and for future research.

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