Sunday, October 31, 2004

I am a Good Boy. I wanted to share a story from my recent Michigan Library Association Annual Conference trip. On Wednesday night there was a reception at the new main library of the Traverse Area District Library. It is a beautiful building and I was impressed by the facility. There was a good amount of food, wine, and microbrews to help make the night more memorable.

Shortly after arriving, an elderly woman (80s or 90s I am assuming) approached me. She had a badge which identified her as a Friend of the Library. She said, "Over here is the food. You will find wine over there. And I am sure you will enjoy checking out all the girls."

I was a little surprised so I asked, "Excuse me?"

She repeated, "I am sure you will enjoy checking out the girls."

I responded, "My wife doesn't let me do that any more."

She reached over, touched my shoulder, and said, "You are a good boy!"

What a great compliment even if it was a strange (and amusing!) encounter. :]

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