Friday, October 22, 2004

Uncovering the Hidden Web, Part II: Resources for Your Classroom. This essay is the "sequel" to an article I posted last week on finding information on the hidden or deep Web. This essay focuses more on how to teach students about the hidden Web.

From the site:

The majority of teens in America say that they have used the Internet as a major resource for a school project or report (Lenhart, Simon, and Graziano, 2001). Yet, directing these heavy Internet users to locate information with traditional Web search tools is often inadequate; too often, search engines don't see and directories can overlook clearinghouses, digital libraries, full-text databases, and learning objects. In contrast, the hidden Web is rich with these high quality and cutting-edge learning materials. By integrating resources from the hidden Web into the classroom, educators extend their instruction in new and valuable directions.

But how does an educator make practical use of this wealth of information and make it accessible to students? This Digest article will help teachers find key resources-for themselves and their students-and develop techniques for keeping track of the treasures they unearth on the hidden Web so that they can be accessed quickly and easily every time.

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