Friday, November 12, 2004

"I CAME HERE TO PLAY THE TRUMPET": INFORMATION LITERACY FOR MUSIC STUDENTS. This paper is by Helen O'Donoghue and William Lawrence of the Queensland Conservatorium.

From the site:

This paper explores the process by which one information literacy program has evolved over several years, developing from a compulsory unit in a new Master’s course, into its present form as an assessable part of the foundation year subject, Music: Style and Context. The subject is designed to provide students with a background knowledge of musical styles, periods and cultures. The information literacy component aims to "develop some competence in information literacy, to be aware of resources and how to use them". Academics, library staff and staff from the Learning Assistance Unit, (LAU) are involved in the teaching of this subject. The not inconsiderable challenges in interesting music students, most of whom are practitioners, in information literacy are discussed. This collaboration focuses on a ‘team teaching’ mode, the aim being to help students recognise the critical link between good information literacy skills and good academic writing. This is illustrated by holding workshops which take an integrated approach to assignment preparation and writing, starting with the assignment topic, searching and retrieving the relevant material, to finally writing the assignment. As well as generic skills, skills specific to music students would be developed, in accordance with Griffith University’s strategic plan.

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