Thursday, November 04, 2004

Information literacy - is it worth the investment? This article is by Debbie Orr and Jacky Cribb. It appeared in Australian Academic & Research Libraries, Volume 34 NÂș 1, March 2003.

From the site:

Many academic libraries have extensive information literacy programs. Often a lot of staff time is dedicated to the creation and delivery of these programs making them a big investment of resources. There is also a cost associated with opportunities forgone. If resources are to be maximised there needs to be a careful analysis of staff costs in relation to student benefits. Librarians at Central Queensland University analysed the costs associated with the creation and delivery of one information literacy program within the Faculty of Education and Creative Arts. The intention was to use an embedded approach and link the information literacy skills and concepts with the content so that students would learn sections of content by accessing and using information sources. Costs, along with evaluative data from all stakeholders, were instrumental in planning the future development of the program.

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