Thursday, November 11, 2004

Integration of Information Skills In Problem Based Curricula. This paper is by Teodora Oker-Blom. It was presented at the 64th IFLA General Conference, Amsterdam, August 16 - August 21, 1998.

From the site:

To librarians teaching of information skills or information management skills or as it also is called library user education, bibliographic education, bibliographic instruction, library instruction, library orientation, library skills instruction etc, has been one of the important library services for decades.

Proof of this is that the literature in information skills teaching in central professional and scholarly journals of librarianship and information management is substantial, at least in UK and USA. According to an investigation 4% of the research literature and 6% of the professional literature in librarianship and information science from an eight year period ,1986-1993, discussed and described this topic (1). In the pedagogical literature on academic education it is, however, dealt with very sparsely according to a recent Finnish study (2).

Teaching faculty in higher education consider library use an academically desirable activity. When they formulate overall goals in university handbooks or student´s guides, information skills are implicitly included in them or sometimes even explicitly mentioned. Some examples of formulations are: " of the graduate is required ability to participate in the development of one´s profession and ability to continuously gather information in one´s professional field, ability to develop one´s tasks and continuously search for scientific literature in order to fulfill these tasks"(2). The attitudes of the teaching faculty to information skills and the education of them are crucial for its´ success.

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