Tuesday, November 16, 2004

S.C. College's Grading Policy Makes Waves. Here is a novel way to keep your student enrollment up. Make it impossible for freshman to fail a course. Further, rig the grades so that sophomores are given huge breaks too.

Benedict College has hit a new low for academic integrity. Freshman get 60% of their grade for just showing up. Sophomores get 40% for the same reason. Get a D on all your exams and you are still a 3.0 student! This works great for Benedict College too. Poor students will not be fully accountable for what they learn until they are juniors. The weak students will pay for three years of tuition before they flunk out. Most schools only get one year of money out of the weak students.

I hope schools are noting this and denying transfer credit for courses from Benedict College. Grade inflation may be rampant in higher education but I think a school should at least make an effort to uphold some standards...

From the site:

It's possible for freshmen at Benedict College to pass their classes, even if they fail every written exam.

That's because 60 percent of their final grade is just showing up and participating in class. The other 40 percent of their grade is earned through traditional test-taking and academic performance during their freshman year.

According to the SEE grading policy — which stands for Success Equals Effort — the balance shifts as the student advances in school. In the sophomore year, effort is counted 40 percent while achievement is 60 percent. Then, in the final two years, a student is evaluated on achievement alone.

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