Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Student learning as information behaviour: exploring Assessment Task Processes. This paper is by Nicola Parker. It was published in Information Research, Volume 6 No. 2 January 2001.

From the site:

This paper describes the early phases of a research project exploring student learning as information behaviour during literature based assessment tasks in higher education. Although information and learning are closely linked, their relationship has been framed by a narrow interpretation of 'information' in the Higher Education literature and considered beyond the scope of Information Science. Understanding the interactions between seeking and utilising information is fundamental to a meaningful investigation of student learning. The varied processes involved in Literature Based Assessment Tasks are vital to students' success, because they are used extensively for assessment in many faculties. Bringing together information science and education perspectives can provide educators with more answers to questions of how and why students change as a result of information interactions. A clearer understanding of how information tasks and subject learning are related within the context of a specific discipline will also be gained by interdisciplinary exploration of students' perceptions of their information and learning environments as they complete assessment tasks.

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