Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Stupid Republicans? It is time for me to briefly ramble into politics again....

I recently discovered several disrespectful and poorly thought out anti-Bush sites which are whining about the results of the presidential election in the USA. These are Fuck the South and We're Not Sorry. Both are advancing the view that anyone who voted for Bush must be stupid, homophobic, racist, sexist, religious fundamentalist, etc.

For liberals who supposedly are for diversity, they seem awfully intolerant of those who hold views that differ from them. I guess tolerance for diversity only applies to politically correct ideas. Otherwise intolerance and stereotyping are OK.

Like many Americans, I have not yet made up my mind for the 2006 Congressional election or the 2008 Presidential election. If the right Democrats come along, I'll switch my vote to the other side. If the view of these sites becomes (or remains?) the norm for the Democrats though, there is no hope. I'll vote for Republicans again rather than the candidates of people who hold me in contempt.

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