Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Teaching Information Problem Solving in Primary Schools: An Information Literacy Survey. This paper is by Penny Moore. It was presented at the 63rd IFLA General Conference in 1997.

From the site:

Advances in information technology have resulted in pressure to examine the way educators approach the task of developing children's information literacy. The following reports on work in progress to identify challenges faced in integrating information skills across the primary school curriculum. The stated information literacy intentions of schools, gathered from policy documents and through semi-structured interviews with key people, are compared with teachers' responses to a questionnaire. The questionnaire focused on their understanding of information skills, resource-based learning, the role of the library and the teacher with library responsibility.

Differences emerged in the clarity and coherence of the vision held for information literacy within the participating schools and in staff understanding of the nature of information skills, the role of the library and resource-based learning. Teachers' expectations for children's ability to find and use information are also explored.

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