Monday, November 29, 2004

Transitions. I have made several changes in my professional activities lately.

First, I have resigned as Executive Editor at Academic Exchnage Quarterly. I had been in that role for over a year and I am happy with what I accomplished there including helping to lead AEQ in putting more content online including several information literacy articles. I will be remaining with the journal in the role of Associate Editor and I will focus my efforts on promoting AEQ on the Web.

Second, I have joined the editorial team at Uncover the Net which is a new web directory. I will be focusing on adding non-commercial content in the Reference, Education, and History sections of the directory. This directory charges for inclusion so if it is going to be a credible resource it needs someone like me to add non-commerical sites to keep the directory from being skewed to heavily towards commercial sites. I am excited to be with a new web resource (one which I think will be highly successful) and I hope to help make it a good reference resource.

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