Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The getting of wisdom: reflections of a teaching librarian. This essay is by Mandy Lupton. It was published in Australian Academic & Research Libraries, Volume 33 NÂș 2, June 2002.

From the site:

The shift in focus from teaching to learning in higher education can be paralleled in the shift from bibliographic instruction to information literacy. This move has resulted in a change of role from librarians as service providers to educators. This paper argues that in order to facilitate students' 'getting of wisdom', librarians who design and deliver information literacy programs should see themselves as teachers rather than trainers. It compares the role of the school teacher-librarian with that of the academic teaching librarian. The implications of a dominant training paradigm result in the reduction of information literacy to lower order surface learning. Support for teaching librarians is crucial in changing roles and self-image.

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