Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Information Literacy and the Net. A series of modules to help students explore Internet resources through engaging in different forms of literacy, including visual literacy. A staff development project developed by Bellingham Public Schools in Bellingham, Washington.

From the site:

Module 1
Question: What is Information Literacy? How many other literacies exist?

Achievement Targets: Construct a working definition of the concept "information literacy" and gain an overview of class goals and content.

Delivery Strategy: This an opportunity for small group discussion and the introduction of "learning journals" which participants will keep open throughout all the sessions on a word processor.
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Module 2

Question: What is Visual Literacy?

Achievement Targets:
1) Construct a definition of visual literacy
2) Explore some visual resources on the Net
3) Learn to save graphics
4) Learn to navigate: the Back button, the File menu, the Stop button

Delivery Strategy : Visit the Library of Congress site and explore its great collections of photographs, stopping to analyze one photograph in considerable depth. For this lesson go to Visual Literacy

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