Monday, December 06, 2004

Information Literacy in a Corporate Environment. This article is by Jane Macoustra. It was published in the Free Pint Newsletter, No 132, 2003.

From the article:

The concept of Information Literacy (IL) recently reared its head aspart of a project I was working on. As an Information Professional, ILis a competency that I have taken for granted, because it is a naturalpart of what being an IP is all about. However, others in a corporateorganisation may not possess these skills. IL has been around for along time and is a well documented subject - especially in an academiccontext (7), but there is very little information available when it istranslated across to a corporate or workplace environment. I have notspecified putting IL into practice in any particular type oforganisation, to enable the reader to understand the broad conceptsthat can be put to use. Due to length restrictions, this article is abrief outline of the main issues, and therefore is by no means fullycomprehensive.

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