Thursday, December 23, 2004

Linking Higher Education to Information Literacy Education in Malaysia: A Focus on Diversity. This paper is by Kim Phaik Lah. It was originally presented at the 2nd Asia Regional Literacy Forum, New Delhi, India, February 9-13, 1998.

From the site:

The National Information Technology Agenda (NITA, 1996) of Malaysia envisages that by year 2020, Malaysia will build a civil society (masyarakat madani) where all Malaysians will have access to information and learning through infostructure for personal, organisational and national advancement; information and knowledge applications will provide the basis to further enhance Quality of Work and Life Information technology is changing the way Malaysians approach literacy learning and use of language . In many ways, it is a dramatic change for those who have to use high technology electronic media for communication. The emphasis in literacy education is to develop information literate people and knowledge workers, enabled by the new information technology. The questions and issues raised are: What are the characteristics of information literate people? How can these characteristics be developed? How can information literate person contributes as knowledge worker in a civil society in the 21st century? How can educational initiatives and innovative projects spearhead changes in developing knowledge workers and civil society for the next decade?

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