Thursday, December 02, 2004

Winning with Information Literacy. This article is by Jamie McKenzie. It appeared first in the Spring, 2000 issue of TECHNOS.

From the site:

Information literacy is the key to a successful technology initiative. By moving past technology to literacy, we are able to mobilize a greater proportion of our teachers to make frequent use of the network and are able to achieve more impressive student achievement.

Scenario One — High School of the Future

The visitors to the high school are shown lab after lab with shining new computers. They peek into other classrooms and note 5-6 more computers at the back of each room. This school is wired! Every computer is networked to the World Wide Web.

But something is missing. Something troubles the visitors.

School of the future it may be, but most of the teachers and most of the students are carrying on with business as usual, and few of the computers on proud display are actually being used. The labs are pretty much empty. The classroom computers are glowing with brilliant screensavers.

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