Monday, January 17, 2005

ELECTION: An Exercise in Information Literacy

ELECTION: An Exercise in Information Literacy. Well, I missed this nice election site when it would have been timely. It is by Jane Smith and Melba Tomeo of Slippery Rock University. It has good information sites for the 2004 Presidential election as well as a group of sites that students can evaluate using information literacy skills. I hope this stays up for a while. It would be a good model for the election in 2008.

From the site:

Many political commentators and pundits are heralding the election of 2004 as the most important presidential election ever. How can you best be an informed voter? How can you be sure you're getting the best information about the election? Where do you register to vote in your county or online? What do you need to do to obtain an absentee ballot?

The first group of web sites below should be of assistance to you as you prepare to exercise your right to vote in November. The second group of sites is intended to help you develop your web evaluation skills.

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