Monday, January 24, 2005

MEDIA SPECIALISTS: Leading the Way to Information Literacy

MEDIA SPECIALISTS: Leading the Way to Information Literacy. This article is by Joyce Kasman Valenza. It appeared in Classroom Connect in March 1999.

From the site:

"My old analogy is that we've moved from guides in the information desert to guides in the information jungle."

When he introduced me to the PTO several years ago, a well-meaning administrator announced, "It is surprising that technology leadership in our school has come from the library." It was surprising to me that he found that surprising.

Librarians have been there, from papyrus to high-speed computers, whenever it came to introducing information technology. The Internet now presents a most unique but chaotic shift in information technology. This shift, combined with a push toward a student-centered, resource-based, inquiry-driven approach to learning, has created a learning climate that is dependent upon the resources and services of a well-supported library and a skilled librarian.

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