Friday, January 07, 2005

Strange Dreams. Or, How I Survived the Canadian Invasion of Michigan

Strange Dreams. I have not been well lately. I had a case of bronchitis that has turned into pnemunia. I have had to struggle to do many things lately including blogging. I haven't been at the library much at all.

I was given a prescription for cough syrup. The stuff has codeine in it. It allows me to sleep well but I have been having very vivid dreams.

Two nights ago, I dreamt there was a war going on between the USA and Canada. Mt Pleasant, Michigan (were I live) was being occupied by the Canadian army.

I was leading a resistance cell with one of my student workers at the library. We kept hitting the Canadian supply lines into town. One of the Canadian librarians at the library finally turned us in to the Mounties.

I gave an impassioned speech after being captured to the occupiers about how they were Canadians and not Nazis. It did me no good. As the dream ended, I was dragged out of town by a Mountie who had tied me to his horse.

This cough syrup is good stuff! The dream was among the most intense and memorable that I have ever had. I think this could make a good movie. Who wouldn't want to see a tale about an academic librarian leading a resistance movement against Canadian tyranny? Brad Pitt could play me...

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