Thursday, February 03, 2005

Awareness of Information Literacy – Strategic Task for Academic Libraries

Awareness of Information Literacy – Strategic Task for Academic Libraries. This essay is by Aija Janbicka. It was apparently presented originally at a conference in the Balkans in 1999.

From the site:

The ever-increasing volume of information and IT development that is facing students, researchers and other users is making it more and more difficult for these people to find exactly what they need. This means that there is a great importance for what might be termed "information literacy". In EU member countries and in the United States, academic libraries play the main role in teaching information literacy. The Scientific Library of Riga Technical University has joined the "DEDICATE" project of the European Union’s Telematics for Libraries Program. The author presents a brief overview of this educational project, as well as the expected results and the library tasks that are associated with user education.

The 21st century will be a century of data and information abundance. Nowadays and especially in the next century information will play a key role. [1] Information is of vital importance in research and development work, in technical design, manufacturing and the marketing of production. Already today the amount of information is growing exponentially. The total amount of all printed information doubles every five years. [2] More information has been generated in the last three decades than in all the previous 5000 put together. The information is distributed in a variety of ways: print, CD-ROM, and via the Internet. For students, researchers and other users this becomes more and more difficult to find exactly that what they need and look for. Therefore it is very significant to learn information literacy.

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