Monday, February 14, 2005

Library Reference Search

Library Reference Search. I redid my Web Directory over the weekend. I am using a script to provide a copy of the Open Directory Project. It works well and I think many librarians would find this to be a nice Web Directory. Please take it for a test run if you have a chance.

This site has a strange history:

This site has been through many versions. It started in 1999 as a free e-mail service for librarians which flopped. It then offered a meta search engine created by Unfortunately, that search tool turned into nothing but pay-per-click garbage. Later, I used some code to turn this into an Open Directory Project clone. Unfortunately, that code was real good at delivering ads but very poor at actually displaying ODP data.

Despite all of this, Google likes this site. As of February 2005, it has a PR of 7 and is strongly themed as a Web Directory. It gets over ten thousand visitors a month to the index page alone. As such, I felt obligated to turn this site into a real working ODP clone to give those visitors a quality reference source.

Thanks to Shawn Walters at Uncover the Net for helping to get the script up and working at Library Reference Search.

A couple of sample categories:

Information Literacy
Library Instruction
Colleges and Universities

Plus over 600,000+ additional categories and more than 4 million sites...

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