Friday, March 18, 2005

Conflict Resolution and Academic Library Instruction

Conflict Resolution and Academic Library Instruction. I just wrote this article. It looks at the types of problems that occur in library instruction programs and how conflict resolution can help resolve them. Beyond the literature review, I am writing a great deal from personal experience. I hope people find it useful.

From the site:

This paper examines the concept of conflict resolution as it can be applied to instructional programs at academic libraries. Despite popular perception, libraries can be organizations that are significantly impacted by conflict. The library instruction programs of academic libraries are no exception to this. Conflict can come from many sources including friction between librarians and faculty, between librarians and students, and between library staff. This paper will look at the concept of conflict resolution and review relevant literature relating to it in both education and library science. It will also define some of the problems with conflict that librarians may have to deal with when managing an instruction program and offer some suggestions for how to approach resolving these issues.

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