Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Double-standard trouble

Double-standard trouble. John Leo wrote this column for US News and World Report. The article points out how both liberals and conservatives are inconsistent in their views. I was taken off guard to find a reference to the American Library Association in the last paragraph! It is correctly taken to task for the hypocrisy that permeated the ALA decision on the repression of librarians in Cuba.

From the column:

Liberals have been severely critical of the Patriot Act and Ashcroft for the policy of seeking library records of suspected terrorists. Librarians were particularly incensed. However, the American Library Association declines to protest the serious mistreatment of librarians in Cuba. Some 75 dissidents, including 10 librarians, are subject to beatings, denied medical help, and kept in "medieval cages," according to human-rights advocates. The librarians' silence has to do with the lingering romantic attachment of the American left to communism in general and Fidel Castro in particular.

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