Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Library Instruction for Special Populations: A Bibliography

Library Instruction for Special Populations: A Bibliography. I have been doing some work at LibraryInstruction.Com by changing the index page and updating some of the bibliographies. Looking at my posts for the last year at this blog, I see I haven't highlighted any of the library instruction bibliographies lately. So, here is the beginning of one of them:

Anstine, F. A. (1981). Library instruction and disabled individuals. Illinois libraries, 63 (September), pp. 535-39.

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Barclay, D. A. (1992). Understanding the freshman writer: The pedagogy of composition and its relevance to bibliographic instruction. In Academic libraries: Achieving excellence in higher education, ed. by T. Kirk. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries, pp. 133-35.

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Bush, R. and Well, M. (1990). Bibliographic instruction for honor students: The University of Buffalo experience. Research strategies, 8 (Summer), pp. 137-43.

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