Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lilly North 2005

Lilly North 2005. If you are a librarian or higher education professional in the Midwest of the USA, please check out this conference site. I have presented at Lilly North the last two years and I like the conference a lot! It has tons of good information on teaching and it is being held in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan in September. This conference is worth the effort to attend.

From the site:

The 5th Annual Lilly Teaching and Learning Conference will be held September 16 - 17. The conference will again be held at the Park Place Hotel in downtown Traverse City, Michigan.

This year's conference theme is Teaching So Everyone Learns. During the 2005 Lilly Conferences on College & University Teaching we will focus on both our diverse students and ourselves. We encourage you to share your knowledge about the best methods to help our diverse students learn and the best strategies for us, the professors, to learn from our own teaching. Let us know what has worked in your own classrooms, campuses, and disciplines to encourage students to take an active part in their own education. How have you redesigned courses? What assignments and activities have enabled your students to go farther? What have you learned through your scholarly teaching? The Lilly Conferences are forums for the presentation of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning for and by instructors, both novice and veteran, from all disciplines and types of academic institutions. We invite you to join your colleagues to discuss "Teaching So Everyone Learns."

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