Thursday, March 24, 2005

Writing Center plagiarizes Web site

Writing Center plagiarizes Web site. This story was recently featured in News of the Weird. I am linking to the entire original article from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh Advance-Titan.

I found one of the unsigned student posts to the story interesting. It reads, "I think its funny that the administration on this campus is ignoring this situation. The Provost won’t take disciplinary action against this professor and neither will Dean Zimmerman. Since the two of them failed to take any action as a student I have a license to cheat in all of my classes. At any other university this professor would have been punished, and for the head of the department to say he’s handling like he would any other student is a lie. Besides shouldn’t a professor who holds doctorates be held to a higher accountability? This situation is ridicules and the fact that the Dean, Provost and head of the English department are tolerant of it is a disgrace to this institution."

If you are in the plagiarism education business, be real careful. A plagiarism charge can be devastating...

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