Monday, April 18, 2005

Encarta lets everyone be an editor. Very interesting. This is very different from Wikipedia in one respect. All submissions are going to be reviewed by Encarta editors. This will add a level of real peer review which is often lacking at Wikipedia where people with no expertise can beat someone with a doctorate in the subject at hand if they are persistent enough and have the Wikipedia skills to win an edit war. This review level will also prevent the Chinese spambots for targetting Encarta. I'll go make some suggestions at Encarata and see how fast my additions get acted on.

From the site:

It happens all the time: You read an entry in an encyclopedia or other reputable source and think, "That's not right" or "They forgot this!"

Microsoft Corp.'s Encarta encyclopedia is testing a system that lets everyone be an editor -- in theory at least. Readers can suggest edits or additions to entries, although the changes are vetted by editors before they reach the page.

Encarta is not requiring such novice editors to identify themselves, said Gary Alt, Encarta's editorial director. But it is asking them to reveal the source of their information if possible, and the editorial staff will check for both factual errors and evidence of bias.

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